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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Woman goes to visit mom's apartment in senior community, stumbles into orgy

After my father passed away, my mother moved to a gated senior community near my family. She's not in poor health by any means and moved because after we lost dad because she was lonely. The community has a lot of activities and really gives back in terms of aged, but able bodied and sharp volunteers. My mother goes twice a week to my son's elementary to read to the children and help the teachers with rote prep and paper work. It's nice to see her out and being active and she's become a lot more outgoing and light hearted since her move. Losing her husband of almost 47 years was tough but i'm glad she's found some joy and purpose. 

Here's the thing: my mom and her friends are sex fiends. Two weeks ago I popped over to drop off some fabric for a costume she is making for our son. I didn't think she'd be home. I was very wrong. As soon as I walked into the apartment I knew something was going on given the sounds of scrambling coming from the living room. I called out for her and my mom yells "JEN WHATEVER YOU DO, JUST STAY IN THE KITCHEN I WILL BE RIGHT THERE." She runs in wearing only a shirt and a very red face. I told her I thought she was out with a class and apologized for barging in unannounced. I peek out of the kitchen and see at least two females and at least one male scrambling to get clothes on and hide "stuff". I was flustered and made an excuse to get out as soon as possible. We both knew what was up. 

Mom called me later that night and apologized for me having to see that and suggested maybe from now on my husband and I call at least a half hour prior to "popping in". I agreed. Then mom asked me not to judge her and that she was "very happy" for the first time since dad passed.

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