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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Paging Mark Steyn: Condom maker says N.H. is No. 1 in size

The kind of thing that'll make you sneak glances at your neighbors:

Nashua Telegraph: Companies love state-by-state lists based on their sales data because it produces easy publicity – you know, “The best places to live in America,” “Which cities love ketchup more than mustard?” and that kind of thing – but chances are that few will draw as much attention in the Granite State as one from Condomania, a website that sells condoms.

In a survey released Monday, it claims that based on the sizes of condoms bought through its website, New Hampshire has the biggest male genitalia of any state in the country. Massachusetts is No. 8, Vermont is No. 29 and Maine is No. 41.

Wyoming is dead last.

As for major cities, Boston comes in at a lowly No. 15, way below New Orleans (No. 1), Washington D.C. (2) and New York City (4).

There are so many jokes possible – many starting with “Live Free and ...” – that we’ll just end this story right here.

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  1. Wyoming says "It's cold here! What? Don't you understand? It's COLD!!!!"