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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Mark Twain on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Day, a function which originated in New England two or three centuries ago when those people recognized that they really had something to be thankful for - annually, not oftener - if they had succeeded in exterminating their neighbors, the Indians, during the previous twelve months, instead of getting exterminated by their neighbors, the Indians.  Thanksgiving Day became a habit, for the reason that in the course of time, as the years drifted on, it was perceived that the exterminating had ceased to be mutual and was all on the white man's side, consequently on the Lord's side; hence it was proper to thank the Lord for it and to extend the usual annual compliments.  
~Mark Twain

Lincoln’s Proclamation Establishing Thanksgiving Holiday

From 1863.

Thanksgiving in 1810, 1910, and 2010

via Instapundit.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Gore: U.S. corn ethanol "was not a good policy"

Well, duh.  Think he'll apologize for his part in imposing it?

"He explained his own support for the original programme on his presidential ambitions.

"One of the reasons I made that mistake is that I paid particular attention to the farmers in my home state of Tennessee, and I had a certain fondness for the farmers in the state of Iowa because I was about to run for president.""

Obama's foreign policy would have made sense in 1983

Jackson Diehl: So has nothing changed in the past quarter-century? In fact, almost everything has - especially when it comes to nuclear arms control and Israel's national objectives. What hasn't changed, it seems, is Barack Obama - who has led his administration into a foreign policy time warp that is sapping its strength abroad and at home.

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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Gloria Allred On TSA Pat-Down


SEAN HANNITY, HOST: "Did they touch your body parts?"

GLORIA ALLRED: "Yeah, they did and it was a first time anybody touched them in a long time and frankly, I liked it," Gloria Allred."

Inside the White House the night of Nov. 22, 1963

The Miami Herald. 

By a twist of fate, Miami native David Pearson -- then a Peace Corps press officer, later the operator of a South Florida public relations and marketing firm -- was called to help at the White House on the evening of Nov. 22, 1963, the day John F. Kennedy was shot. His observations, first published in 1983, are reprinted here in abridged form, on the eve of the 47th anniversary of JFK’s assassination.

Lameduck Iowa Governor Gives State Workers $200 Million Pay Raise

No negotiation - the state accepted the union's proposal as is.