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Friday, December 13, 2019

Friday links

One of my favorite Christmas stories - 'Twas the Overnight Before Christmas: The Merry Tale of How Air Cargo Deregulation Led To Amazon.

How robocalls became America's most prevalent crime.

Darwin Awards: a cumulative list.

ICYMI, most recent links are here, and include advice from c. 1200 on surviving the winter (spoiler -  lay off the purging and blood-letting, and keep your hands and feet covered in wolf grease), the anniversary of Australia's Great Emu War, the pre-Seinfeld origins of Festivus, and a pairing guide for pop-tarts and fine whiskies.

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Weird nativity sets

Quite a collection of nativity sets - this first is my personal favorite, because you can eat it when the season's over:

Godzilla nativity:

Naked men nativity:

Zombie nativity:

Rubber duckie nativity:

For unto us a robot is born:



Creepy mannequins:

Mary, Joseph and Baby Cheesus (more here, including video of the cheddar-carving process:

Chicken nativity, complete with flying chicken angels:

Doggie nativity:

Hipster nativity:

Not sure how to label this one:

Or this one, and I suspect that having more than one Darth Vader isn't biblically accurate:

Whatever-you-have-handy nativity:

The meat nativity:

Irish nativity:

Various animals - moose:



The butter nativity:

The cupcake topper nativity:

Nativity carved out of spam:

Action figures:


And shotgun shells:

Mexican mermaid family nativity:

You may have to think about this one for a minute:

Tuesday links

Advice from c. 1200: How to Survive the Winter. Don't forget to lay off the purging and blood-letting, and keep your hands and feet covered in wolf grease.

On December 10, 1932, Australia's Great Emu War ended. More here.

The trippy illustrations in this Horseback Riding Manual are a hoot.

Before Seinfeld: The Origins of Festivus.

The Mechanics of What Happens When You Hit a Speed Bump at High Speed. Click through to see the video.

ICYMI, most recent links are here, and include why you shouldn't salt a leech that's sucking your blood, the mathematics of where to park your car, the physics behind why barns are painted red, and the history of penicillin.