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Saturday, June 11, 2011

China ratings house says US already defaulting

By allowing the dollar to devaluate.

via Mark Steyn at The Corner, who says, "Geithner and Bernanke can protest all they want that debauching the currency and the left hand buying the right hand’s debt and quantitively easing yourself all day long like Congressman Weiner is so totally not like defaulting. But, if the dwindling ranks of buyers of Treasury debt around the world come to see it like that, that’s what counts."

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Are Democrats more likely to be corrupt?

The Daily Caller: Democrats were 2.57 times more likely than Republicans to face federal public corruption charges during the Clinton administration but 6.13 times more likely than Republicans to face federal public corruption charges during the George W. Bush administration.

WaPo Asks for 100 Volunteers To Sort Through Palin Emails For Dirt

Washington Post.

Henninger: Obama's Worst Week, Pawlenty's Best The 2012 election battle will be fought over economic growth and how we get it—Obama's way or something close to the opposite of Obama's way.

Thursday links

Giant Transformers sculptures from old car parts.

Are the Smurfs Crypto-Fascists?

Solar powered bikini.

How can I make my own spaceship? And while you’re feeling creative, here’s how to make moonshine.

Is being left-handed actually a form of cognitive impairment?

That look

Weiner, Spitzer, Clinton Had a Certain Look.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Up to 30 dismembered bodies in Texas mass grave

Including children.

Deconstructing evidence based care we are about to usher in the era of big brother medical care.

Total unfunded U.S. obligations: 61.6 TRILLION

USATODAY: $534,000 per household.

Headline of the day

Erections have consequences.

My links are up at The Corner


Tuesday links

How poor wiping habits can ruin a wedding.

Color photographs from the Great Depression era.

Vintage Arcade Machines.

Unbreakable: Eight codes we can’t crack.

Meat product (OK, dog food) of the day: Holistic Gourmet Canned Beaver.

Saudi Cleric: Design of Jedda Airport Looks Like Penis and Vagina

It's a Western conspiracy.

via Mark Steyn at The Corner.

Color red increases speed and strength of reactions

Science Daily: A new study finds that when humans see red, their reactions become both faster and more forceful. And people are unaware of the color's intensifying effect.

New experiment shows both wave and particle nature of light

BBC News: The "complementarity" rule asserts that it is impossible to observe light behaving as both a wave and a particle, though it is strictly both.

In an experiment reported in Science, researchers have now done exactly that.

Weird Times in the Far East

Good read by J.E. Dyer on Russian military activity on its eastern border:

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Glenn Reynolds: Hard to get good goons these days

Washington Examiner:

But miners and steelworkers are one thing. When the public employees of, say, Wisconsin hit the streets, it looked more like a bunch of disgruntled DMV clerks and graduate teaching assistants, because, well, that's what it was.