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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Europe's 'Over-Indebtedness' Roadmap To Catastrophe

At ZeroHedge, charts, links and comments.

Scientific American kicks a hornet's nest

Lipstick effect: women in tough economic times tart themselves up.

Get compensated for bone marrow

Donation through a process similar to blood donation, called peripheral blood stem cell apheresis, can be compensated because those cells are no longer regarded as organs or organ parts as defined in the National Organ Transplant Act.  That act bans compensation.

Wednesday links

The world's most expensive beers.

Human-sized Hot Wheels double loop track.

When Did Archers Start Splitting Arrows?

Do You Own The Space Above Your House?

Overloaded vehicles and people.

Excellent mud and grass sculptures.

Germany: circumcising a child under the age of consent is a crime

Religious beliefs of the parents notwithstanding.

via Instapundit.

CNN op-ed: We might not be able to handle the truth on Fast & Furious let’s not be “nosy.”

Crispy Tauntaun

The new Epic Meal Time video is Star Wars themed.  Language NSFW

Monday, June 25, 2012

How to Weaponize Your Trash

Pepper spray from old chili powder, bolas from cat food cans and batteries, and even a full blown crossbow from a broom handle and old kitchen gloves.

Butt Acne Clearing Lotion

Clear your rear.

If I'd ever given any thought to this, which I haven't, I would have assumed that the same stuff that worked on your other cheeks would work for this problem, too.

UK will use supermarket card data to check your eating habits

People who buy too much alcohol, fatty foods or sugary drinks would be targeted with 'tailored' health advice under plans being considered by the Coalition.

With more children than ever dangerously overweight, parents could also be contacted if their bills show they are not giving their offspring a balanced diet from their weekly shop.

Cutting obesity-related illness would help the NHS save billions.

Excellent essay by Spengler: Do dictators always fail?

Will China will fail because it is not a democracy?  Don't count on it.

Gorgeous fantasy photo series

These are absolutely beautiful.

The photographer's web site.

Monday links

Know your vampire hunter - good infographic.

History of the dinner fork.

7 Futurama Gadgets That Are Nearly a Reality.

Picasso superheroes.

Van Gogh's Starry Night recreated with 7,000 falling dominos.

The Hokey Pokey - Shakespeare's version.

Did You Ever Wonder Whether Rats Laugh?

Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Economic History of the Last 2,000 Years in 1 Little Graph

Wait, India was by far the biggest economy at the dawn of AD?

Screen Shot 2012-06-20 at 9.37.55 AM.png

No, your ex isn't on the list

The 9 weirdest animal penises on Earth.

Lincoln killed vampires...

Secret Histories of Other Presidents.

HHS Goes On Massive Spending Binge Before SCOTUS Ruling

$2.7 billion since oral arguments ended on March 28.

Europeans Who Get Sick on Vacation Can Legally Retake Those Days Off

Not The Onion.

Tropical Storm Debby Forms In Gulf

WooHoo!  I wanna turn into a hurricane!

Universal Turing Machine in 100 punchcards

On the occasion of Alan Turing's 100th birthday.

With Traditional Schooling Increasingly Obsolete, How To Learn Without Being Taught

Interesting article at Townhall, via Lucianne.

Bill Maher, Rachel Maddow, And Reason’s Nick Gillespie Have Epic Showdown Over Fast & Furious


via Newsalert.