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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Really awkward engagement photos

Wow, this guy has really white... teeth.

Is there something symbolic about these parking meters? I don't get it:

Why does she have a snake in her hand?


Well, doesn't she look happy...


More at Distractify, via Neatorama.

In this 1880's ad, a cautionary tale about choosing the right whisker dye

For fellow fans of vintage advertising:

Part of this excellent Flickr set of old ads from the Boston Public Library, via Weird Vintage

Friday, November 21, 2014

Supercuts of Cheesy Computer Hacking Scenes in '80s and '90s Movies

Boy, these bring back memories, and make me realize that the grandkids (or kids, depending on your age) should see some (certainly not all) of the '80s movies - they're familiar with at lot of '90s films already. Lists of included movies are below the videos:

'80s movies:

'90s movies:

Movie list ('80s):

Real Genius
War Games
Superman 3
Revenge of the Nerds
Weird Science
Blade Runner
Never Say Never Again
Jumping Jack Flash
Electric Dreams
Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
Prince of Darkness
Spies Like Us
Cloak & Dagger

Movie list ('90s):

Jurassic Park
Under Siege 2
Universal Soldier: The Return
Terminator 2: Judgment Day
Johnny Mnemonic
The Lawnmower Man
The Matrix
Independence Day
The Thirteenth Floor
Virtuosity and (of course)...
Hackers (which, in case you've forgotten, starred not only Johnny Lee Miller, who now plays Sherlock Holmes on Elementary, but an extremely young Angelina Jolie.

Friday links

When the Guardians of the Galaxy DVD comes out next month, the extras feature has this outake: the Star Lord and Ronan dance-off actually happened.

Gallery of things you don't see every day.

Can You Fix A Machine By Smacking It?

Very cool animated chart of North American butterflies.

Why Do Humans Have Thumbs?

What’s the Best Item to Carry With You During Time Travel?

ICYMI, Wednesday's links are here, and include the origin of Humpty Dumpty,  illustrated fainting technique (to attract the attention of a specific gentleman), terrifying non-existent animal hybrids, and a quiz to find out which famous brains are most similar to yours.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Man armed with photograph of gun threatened to kill supermarket staff

Think schools are ridiculous going after kids for drawing pictures of guns, or biting their Poptarts into gun shapes? Turns out that it might be gateway behavior:

A man brandishing a photograph of a gun threatened to kill staff at the Tesco Extra store in Bar Hill, Cambridge. 

Officers were called to the giant supermarket after staff told operators in the force control room that a man was threatening to kill them and showing them an image of a firearm. Police were called by staff at 1.30am on November 12. 

Cambridgeshire police then dispatched officers to the store where they arrested a man on suspicion of making threats to kill. A force spokeswoman said: “A 34-year-old man from Cambridge was arrested on November 12 on suspicion of making threats to kill. 

“He was released on police bail to return to Parkside police station in Cambridge on January 14, 2015.” A Tesco spokesman said: “This is now a matter for the police and we are helping them with their inquiries”.

How To Make Your Own Doritos-Flavored Mountain Dew

"You know it's gonna be good when you see the chunks in it!"

Guardian of the Galaxy DVD extra outake: the Star-Lord and Ronan dance-off actually happened

Guardians of the Galaxy fans, the Blu-Ray version of the movie (to be released on December 9th) has an outake of a dance scene between Star-Lord and Ronan the Accuser, with Gamora and Drax joining in:

Buzzfeed interviewed Chris Pratt:
“We were filming what was essentially, you know, the climax of the entire movie … and I was dancing,” he said, still laughing. “I was standing there … in front of 200 extras in full alien makeup. And none of them knew what the hell was happening either. They thought they were on a serious movie because of all the time and the effort that had been put into their makeup. So I just had this energy of, like, What am I doing?!”
Pratt said he didn’t work with a choreographer on the scene, nor did the script really specify how exactly he was supposed to be dancing. “But I did have a pretty good sense of the era from which I would be drawing dance moves, given that Quill draws all of his pop-culture references from a certain time frame of basically 1985 and earlier.”
He ended up doing a kind of Michael Jackson-esque thing (and did a pretty good job of it, too), while Ronan went with running man moves.

Dancing Baby Groot is still my favorite, though:

Previous related posts:

A conversation between the Lego versions of Peter Quill (Guardians), Han Solo (Star Wars), and Malcolm Reynolds (Firefly), discussing the age old question: when is it ok to shoot first?

Star Wars recut into a Guardians Of The Galaxy style trailer, plus a 3 minute review of the 1st trilogy. (Lucasfilms (or Disney, if they own the previous films) should hire the guy who did this, because it absolutely makes you want to watch Star Wars again (and Guardians))

Peter Quill from GOTG teaching an Gamora about the Legend of Footloose and the great hero Kevin Bacon.

via Buzzfeed

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Wednesday links

The Gettysburg Address was seven score and eleven years ago: history, photos, video and more.

Photoessay: Co-Worker Asked Me to Watch Her Plant While She Was Out for the Week

30 Hilariously Terrifying Animal Hybrids That You Can Be Glad Don’t Exist.

Take this Map Your Mind quiz and find out which famous brains are most similar to yours.

ICYMI, Monday's links are here, and include Pliny the Elder's advice for avoiding mushroom poisoning, film from a 1937 Nazi boys summer camp in upstate NY, the history of prosthetic limbs, and the top 50 all-time video games, ranked.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Just in time for Christmas: Firefly Clue, Serenity Yahtzee and adult Underoos!

Forty dollars for a Yahtzee game that isn't gold-plated? Well, yes, if you're a Firefly fan, because the dice cup is a 9 inch long version of the Serenity! Behold the Serenity Yahtzee:

As for Firefly Clue, here's the Amazon description: 
River has been betrayed to the Alliance!
Now with CLUE: Firefly Edition, help the Serenity crew to discover who is working with the Alliance, what they used to betray River and where on Serenity the kidnapping took place. Was it Inara with the Med Kit in the Engine Room? Or Mal with the Leather Necklace in the passenger dorm? Solve the mystery and save River!
Also, apparently as a result of this post last year: Where the hell are my goddamned adult Underoos? (NSFW - language), Hot Topic has started selling a limited line of Underoo sets for adults (Amazon has a decent Wonder Woman set, but nothing else): 

save image

Bonus: this Underoos commercial from 1980: