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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Iowahawk: Overseas-Contingencies-Kinetic-Aliocious

In trying to explain himself when bombing foreign lands,
It behooves a modern president to keep his prose in hand.
One little slip in lexicon accounting for the rubble
Will end up in congressional investigative trouble.

I must admit the messaging is really quite atrocious
But if you say it soft enough, you'll always sound precocious,


In olden days they called this thing a stale three-letter word
But in this new millenium I find that quite absurd.
My unabridge-ed thesaurus is dog-eared through and through,
One syllable seems pitiful when thirteen more will do!

When you put it in that way it won't seem so ferocious.
Gargle first with Listerine in case of halitosis,

Um-twiddle-diddle-um-twiddle dee
Um-twiddle-diddle-um-twiddle dum

Unlike Bush adventurism, there's no "war" to fear
It's um... it's er... it's uh... it's mmm... let me be crystal clear
In days not weeks we cease it all, for "peace," or as you know,

A neologic tailor-made for media hypnosis
If you hear it long enough you'll drink until cirrhosis,

Former NHS director dies after surgery canceled 4 times

A former NHS director died after waiting for nine months for an operation - at her own hospital.

Margaret Hutchon, a former mayor, had been waiting since last June for a follow-up stomach operation at Broomfield Hospital in Chelmsford, Essex.

But her appointments to go under the knife were cancelled four times and she barely regained consciousness after finally having surgery.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Ambrose Bierce on April Fool's day

From the Devil's Dictionary:

April Fool, n.  The March fool with another month added to his folly.

2011 Budget Battle in Perspective

At Cato:

There are news reports that Republican and Democrat negotiators are heading toward a compromise figure of $33 billion in spending cuts. Let’s put that figure in perspective alongside the GOP’s original proposal to cut a whopping $61 billion:

Man subsists on beer only for Lent

Liquid bread.

Jonah Goldberg: Taking Feminism Overseas

At NRO:  The good news for those who want to continue the fight for women is that there is plenty of work left to do — abroad.

The plight of women in other countries is not only dire, it’s central to global poverty and the war on terrorism. Jihadism is largely a male problem. This shouldn’t be a surprise, given that jihadis commit mass murder in pursuit of a virgin bonus in the afterlife.

Islamist extremism and oppression of women go hand in hand. And while the correlation between poverty and terrorism is often overstated, the correlation between prosperity and women’s liberation is profound.

ObamaCare Implementation Meets Resistance in More States

Cato: Republican governors Rick Scott (FL), Sean Parnell (AK), and Bobby Jindal (LA) have flatly refused to implement ObamaCare.  Efforts to create an ObamaCare health insurance "Exchange" are meeting resistance in other states too.

Friday stuff

Sunday, March 27, 2011

2010 Census: Growth Above Average in No Income Tax States and Right to Work States

Michael Barone: The lesson is that high taxes and strong public employee unions tend to stifle growth and produce a two-tier society like coastal California's.

The eight states with no state income tax grew 18 percent in the last decade. The other states (including the District of Columbia) grew just 8 percent.

The 22 states with right-to-work laws grew 15 percent in the last decade. The other states grew just 6 percent.

The 16 states where collective bargaining with public employees is not required grew 15 percent in the last decade. The other states grew 7 percent.