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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Michelle Malkin's Cousin Marizela Perez Still Missing

Michelle has a update with more pictures She has been missing in Seattle since Saturday and was last seen at the University District Safeway.

Updated flyer information:


Name: Marizela Perez

Date Missing: Saturday March 5, 2011

Last Seen: 1-2 P.M. at the Safeway in University District (4732 Brooklyn Ave NE Seattle, WA 98105) (this is CONFIRMED)

Possible Routes: Sound Link Light Rail stations, downtown/Chinatown areas, UW Seattle campus, U-district

Description – Asian female, 5’5” tall, 110 lbs, skinny build, asymmetrical bob with short bangs and brown/red highlights hairstyle, tattoo on left inner arm with the words ‘lahat ay magiging maayos’ (Tagalog, meaning ‘all will be well’), last seen wearing a dark hooded jacket, denim jeans, light brown suede laced boots, possibly wearing green eye contacts, possibly carrying a denim drawstring bag with rainbow butterfly screenprint (not the plaid backpack that was before mentioned) with a Macbook Pro laptop, taking medication for depression

Please contact if you have any information regarding this person:
Edgar: 609 – 646 – 0905
Jasmin: 609 – 742 – 2360
Mel: 206 – 760 – 1822
Joy: 609 – 742 – 2336

Out of control gov't spending

Comments and links at Reason re Rand Paul's speech from yesterday.  "We’re not even really cutting spending. What we’re talking about is cutting the rate of increase of spending. The base line of spending is going to go up 7.3 % according to the CBO. We’re talking about reducing that increase to 6.7% increase. We’re talking about cutting the rate of increase of government"

Read the whole thing.

Socialized Medicine: Theory Versus Practice

Dr. Paul Hsieh: "Nowhere is the gulf between theory and practice more clear than in socialized medical systems around the world. Why is this the case, and what can Americans learn from this?"

Thank God for evolution

How Men Lost Their Penis Spines.