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Saturday, March 31, 2018

Burger King's 'Left-handed Whopper'

Burger King launched a marketing campaign for its 'Left-Handed Whopper', a burger specifically tailored to left-handed people in the April 1, 1998 edition of USA Today. 

How did they create it? By simply rotating the condiments 180 degrees.

A spokesperson from the Left Handed Club is quoted as saying: "We are delighted that Burger King has recognized the difficulties of holding a hamburger in your left hand that has a natural right bias to it. We urge all left handed hamburger lovers to visit their nearest Burger King and taste the difference for themselves."

Unfortunately, a lot of people didn't get the joke, and left-handers everywhere rushed to BK to demand the special Whopper and celebrate a long-awaited victory.

More left-handed products for April Fool's Day here, including Ikea's left-handed allen key:

IKEA ran an ad in Australian papers apologizing to customers who had received left-handed allen keys with a product. "To exchange your incorrect key," the ad said, "we'll provide a swap box at the store entrance."
An illustration showed the difference between an "erroneous left-handed allen key" and a "correct right-handed allen key."

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